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The Time Traveler’s Same-Sex Partner

October 31, 2010


I’ve come to understand that the internet is all abuzz, atwitter, and ageekin’ about a certain video clip.  Unlike most viral videos, this one is black and white, has no audio track, and features a very small but fully dressed cast.  There are no double rainbows, no conspicuous consumption of  tooth-rotting cocktails, and certainly no bed intruders.  It is also over 80 years old.

What makes this video so remarkable is that it features a dumpy, grumpy, vaguely mannish woman who appears to be engaged in a heated conversation…on a cell phone… at the premiere of a Charlie Chaplin film. …over 80 years ago.   She is the center of a swirling vortex of speculation and controversy.   What is she talking into?  Who is she talking to?  Is she just talking into some old-timey contraption for the hard-of -hearing or is she a time traveller? (more…)