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Key Lime Cove Chronicles: Part Three

January 11, 2012

I’m taking you with me.

Toukey’s Big Deluge: The Reckoning Prelude: Paradise Lost Propers

Sundown.  Expressway.  The sky is a murky post-pink peach.  Indigo clouds smear up from the western horizon, appearing very much like the monsters that awaited us at the edge of a world we once considered flat,  bringing nighttime in the hems of their gowns.  In the darkness below, snaking chains of alternating red and white lights coil around the I-94/134 cloverleaf .  They slither  this way and that across an unseen landscape.  From the lower deck of a preposterous aquatic amusement contraption, a bottom-heavy Eve regards this rush hour serpent and the darkness outside the cathedral-sized water park windows through her water-speckled Buddy Holly glasses.   (more…)

Things That Scare Me

October 31, 2009


 Halloween is not for sissies, yet I love it anyway.  I love it because it’s the one time of the year when being afraid is a shared experience as opposed to my usual solitary, soggy-armpit, hyperventilating, pull-it-together-in-the-ladies’-room-for-chrissake kind of experience. (more…)