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In Praise Of…

August 29, 2010

Yo, get your praise on with the Milwaukee Lutheran High School Praise Band!

Hershey Syrup in The Can:  Simply put, it tastes much better than the Hershey’s Syrup from the squeeze bottle.  How can I account for this?  The taste taboo that makes people avoid canned vegetables and meat marinated in metal bowls actually works for Hershey’s Syrup In The Can.  The can itself is the key ingredient that sets the HS apart from its bottle counterpart.   The tin undergirds the dark intensity of the chocolate and elevates it above mere sweetness.  It tastes of times gone by, when things made to last were made of metal: cars, back yard fences, coffee pots…  I don’t expect anyone born into the “Hershey squirts” era to understand the charm of the HSITC, but it’s my hope that they find a way to hold onto that juvenile plastic ass-joke sweetness and cherish it in the future days of eco-friendly-flavor-neutral packaging. (more…)