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10 Things I’ll Miss About Lost

January 24, 2010

The final season of Lost is rapidly approaching, so I’ve been obsessively feathering my geek nest with reruns of the show and an unending meditation on its themes, characters, and place in the Pop Culture Pantheon.  I even dreamt that I had graded the poorly researched term paper of Dr. Jack Shepherd, and confronted him at a bistro to offer him a chance to revise his work.  “You’ve only got one source,” I cried.  Never being a man who could entertain more than one point of view, Jack turned me down with his typical dismissive arrogance.  So, yeah, I guess it could be said I’ve internalized this show to an almost cellular level.  If there’s a show worth squatter’s rights in my heart and mind, it’s definitely Lost(more…)